Can you recommend a portrait photographer in Bath, Bristol, Chippenham or Swindon?
Yes, me! If you’d like to book a shoot please contact me with your enquiry.

Can I shoot with you, how much does it cost?
Yes! Please see my pricing page for more information or contact me with your enquiry.

Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?
Yes of course. However if you’re intending to bring more than two people with you please discuss this with me in advance of the shoot. For junior portrait sessions you should always bring a parent/guardian with you.

I want to apply to agencies, do I need a professional portfolio?
No, it’s not necessary to have professional photos, although you may still wish to do so. Any reputable agency will accept applications using smartphone photos. You may want to ask someone else to take the photos for you using your phone, rather than using selfies. Just make sure you take the photos in natural light, with no make up, no glasses, no hats and simple hair.

I’m a professional model, will you pay me for a shoot?
Possibly, if I have a current commercial project in need of a model however it’s likely I’ll have already chosen and booked any models required for such a project.

Do you offer test shoots, “collabs” or TFP?
Sometimes, depending on many factors including the potential and experience of the model, the nature of the project or idea, or when I have gaps in my portfolio for new faces. Contact me with your enquiry or shoot idea and I’ll consider offering a test or TFP shoot.

I’m new to modelling, how can I get started?
Try a taster session! It’s an inexpensive way to see how you get on in front of the camera. From there you can decide if you’d like to book further shoots and start building your confidence, experience and portfolio.

What if it rains on the day of the shoot?
If the forecast looks poor, we’ll keep in contact prior to the shoot and should the weather prove impossible we’ll either look at changing location or changing the date of the shoot by mutual agreement. Or if you’re brave we could shoot in the rain!

What if I’m running late, or need to cancel?
If you’re running late, please do your best to let me know your ETA. Depending on how late and my schedule for the rest of the day we may be able to shift the start time a little. If that’s not possible we’ll fit in as much of the shoot as we can once you arrive. If you can’t make the shoot then we may be able to re-book an alternate date, and we may be able to transfer your deposit to the new booking, depending on when you let me know. Please see my booking terms for more information.