I'm Simon Giddings, a freelance photographer with with a background in wedding and event photography. I also have a lot of experience shooting pageants which has also led to me into portraiture and modelling photography. I don't have my own studio, although studios can always be hired if necessary. I am a big fan of outdoor location shoots, either with natural or portable artificial lighting (or a blend of both!).

My style as far as weddings goes is generally natural reportage, with provision for the usual posed group shots etc. My preference for natural style photographs hopefully shows through in my portrait and modelling work. I've been very fortunate to be able to work with aspiring models who have been very professional as well as exuding their own natural beauty. Every shoot I've done I've learned something new, thanks in no small part to the model I was working with each time.

As a photographer I sometimes find myself out of my comfort zone; I fully appreciate that models I'm working with may be nervous or unsure of themselves, possibly much further out of their own comfort zone than I am. I do everything I can to encourage and support the model during our shoot. I always offer guidance and feedback, and try to keep everything as relaxed and fun as possible. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing a new or aspiring model flourish during a shoot and end the session brimming with confidence!